As Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games approach, experts give tips for athletes, weekend warriors, and travelers

With less than a month until the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, and with Olympic Trials taking place all around the world in different sports, Virginia Tech experts offer perspective on aspects of the competitions, applying Olympic habits to our own lives, and how the Games are impacting both travel to and life on the ground in Paris.

Study Suggests States Could Cut Healthcare Costs by Delivering Patient Tailored Meals

According to new research looking at every U.S. state, programs that deliver medically tailored meals (MTMs) to people with diet-sensitive conditions such as diabetes and heart disease along with limitations in the ability to perform daily activities could lead to substantial savings in healthcare costs.

Compound from Olives Shows Promise for Treating Obesity and Diabetes

Findings from a new mouse study suggest that elenolic acid, a natural compound found in olives, can lower blood sugar levels and promote weight loss. The research could pave the way to the development of safe and inexpensive natural products for managing obesity and type 2 diabetes in people.

Higher Calcium and Zinc Intake Linked with Healthier Pregnancy Outcomes

People with higher intakes of calcium and zinc in the three months before they conceived were significantly less likely to suffer hypertensive disorders during their pregnancy compared with those who had lower intakes of these essential minerals, according to new research.

UA Little Rock Teams Up with Apple Seeds to Teach School Children about Healthy Living, Nutrition and Gardening

In an inspiring collaboration that focuses on community engagement, UA Little Rock has joined forces with Apple Seeds, a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire healthy living through garden-based education, to provide invaluable hands-on experience for its students through a new internship where health education and promotion students help teach school children the essentials of nutrition, gardening, and healthy eating.

Cleveland Clinic Launches Wellness and Diet Coaching App Featuring State-of-the-Art Food and Fitness Tracking, Support and Education

Embargoed until 4am EDT Cleveland, OH (Thursday, June 27, 2024) – Cleveland Clinic and app developer FitNow, Inc.  have launched the Cleveland Clinic Diet app, which offers health and diet advice built upon evidence-based nutrition science and clinical success, paired with a comprehensive food and fitness tracker.

The app provides individualized guided support with the input of Cleveland Clinic health experts to help users make sustainable changes to their lifestyle and dietary habits for better health and well-being. 

NUTRITION 2024 Press Materials Available Now

Press materials are now available for NUTRITION 2024, the annual flagship meeting of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). Top nutrition scientists and practitioners from around the world will gather to share the latest research findings on food and nutrition during the meeting in Chicago from June 29–July 2.

American diets have a long way to go to achieve health equity

Poor diet continues to take a toll on American adults. In a study from the Food is Medicine Institute at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found that diet quality among U.S. adults improved modestly between 1999 and 2020. However, they also found that the number of Americans with poor diet quality remains stubbornly high. Most notably, disparities persist and, in some cases, are worsening.

Fewer than 1 in 4 patients receive dietary counseling after a heart attack

Although diet is the leading contributor to premature death from heart disease in the United States, fewer than one-quarter of people who undergo major heart events receive dietary counseling in the aftermath, a study finds. The reason for such a low rate, researchers suggest, may be a lack of time for providing the counseling or expertise in this area by clinicians.

Meeting preview: Hot topics at NUTRITION 2024

Thousands of top nutrition experts will gather next month for a dynamic program of research announcements, policy discussions and award lectures at NUTRITION 2024, the annual flagship meeting of the American Society for Nutrition. Reporters and bloggers are invited to apply for a complimentary press pass to attend the meeting in Chicago from June 29–July 2.

L-Nutra Unveils Groundbreaking Research on Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMDs) and Reduced Biological Age Score

L-Nutra Inc., a leading nutrition technology company developing evidence-based Nutrition for Longevity and Nutrition as Medicine programs, is excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking longevity and healthy aging study published in Nature Communications, a prestigious Nature portfolio journal.

White House Challenge to End Hunger approves UTHealth Houston innovative commitments to Food Is Medicine

Three commitments to improve food security, diet quality, and health outcomes for vulnerable communities, made by UTHealth Houston in partnership with local and national organizations, have been approved as part of the White House Challenge to end Hunger and Build Healthy Communities.

Podcast: Experts in Health: Disgust – why our bodies are designed to be repulsed

Dr Elisa Becker, Researcher in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, discusses the role of disgust in protecting our health through the behavioural immune system, our relationship with eating meat and whether food packaging on animal products should go down the same path as cigarettes.

Podcast: Experts in Health: Should our food show how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories?

Professor Amanda Daley, Professor of Behavioural Medicine at Loughborough University, breaks down the problem with current food labelling, the potential for P.A.C.E (physical activity calorie equivalent) labelling to provide a solution, and what she thinks about all the controversies surrounding this idea.

Podcast: Experts in Health: How to make nutritious meals on a budget – advice from a Performance Chef

Varun Shivdasani, Performance Chef at Loughborough University’s Elite Athlete Centre, discusses how he prepares nutritious meals on a budget, the importance of making cooking a family-friendly activity, and the future of precision nutrition.

Time Stamps:
00:00 – 03:53 – Introduction to guest, the topic and background
03:54 – 05:56 – An average week as a performance chef
05:57 – 10:09 – Performance and nutrition
10:10 – 11:52 – Setting the menu
11:53 – 16:53 – Do you need a large budget for a balanced meal?
16:54 – 26:29 – Tips for eating well
26:30 – 30:56 – Precision nutrition
30:57 – 34:05 – What’s next in the world of food prep?
34:07 – 36.54 – Outro

Podcast: Experts in Health: Colin Jackson CBE talks about anxiety attacks, coming out, and dealing with retirement

Decorated athlete and sports broadcaster Colin Jackson CBE discusses his mental health struggles, his experience after coming out as gay, and the difficulties he faced when retiring from international athletics.

URI Nutrition study to help inform official USDA dietary guidelines

Evidence to support the assumption that ultra-processed foods are all bad for one’s health is limited, and the nutritional quality of processed foods has not been considered by official U.S. Department of Agriculture dietary guidelines. University of Rhode Island Nutrition Professor Kathleen Melanson aims to help inform the newest guidelines, due out in 2025, as she begins a nutritional study funded by a $300,000 grant from the USDA.