Rapid rise seen in mental health diagnosis and care during and after pregnancy

Mental health issues during pregnancy or the first year of parenthood have a much greater chance of getting detected and treated now than just over a decade ago, a trio of new studies suggests. But the rise in diagnosis and care hasn’t happened equally across different groups and states.

CRF Announces the 2023 Pulse-Setter Award Winners

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) is proud to announce the winners of the 2023 Pulse-Setter Awards. The awardees will be honored at The Annual Pulse of the City Gala, CRF’s signature fundraising event, on December 8, 2023, at The Plaza in New York City. The Pulse-Setter Awards shine a spotlight on extraordinary individuals and initiatives whose dedication to innovation is driving positive change in medicine and health care.

Mount Sinai Study Identifies Most Effective and Safest Outpatient Labor Induction Methods, Potentially Reducing Hospital Stays and Increasing Hospital Efficiency in Use of Resources

Mount Sinai study identifies most effective and safest outpatient labor induction methods, potentially reducing hospital stays and increasing hospital efficiency in use of resources

Mitochondrial Changes Linked to High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

A new study provides evidence for the possibility that mitochondrial dysregulation could be a contributing factor in the development of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. The study is published in Physiological Genomics. It was chosen as an APSselect article for July.

Mothers’ Obesity Damages Blood-brain Barrier in Offspring, Lean Foster Mothers’ Milk May Be Preventive Tool

Article title: Maternal obesity damages the median eminence blood-brain barrier structure and function in the progeny: the beneficial impact of cross-fostering by lean mothers Authors: Roberta Haddad-Tóvolli, Joseane Morari, Roberta Barbizan, Vanessa C. Bóbbo, Rodrigo S. Carraro, Carina Solon, Nathalia…

UAlbany Researchers Awarded $3 Million to Study Disparities in Black Maternal and Infant Health

UAlbany researchers recently received new funding to investigate why Black families disproportionately experience negative health outcomes in the first postpartum year. Findings from the five-year study will inform strategies aimed at improving Black maternal-infant health.

Study Finds Persistent Disparities in Access to Prenatal Care Among Pregnant People Based on Citizenship Status and Education Level

Findings suggest exclusions to Medicaid because of immigration status may increase risk for maternal health care disparities in some immigrant populations

Co-locating Contraceptive Services & Opioid Treatment Programs May Help Prevent Unintended Pregnancy

More than 75% of women with Opioid Use Disorder report having had an unintended pregnancy, but they are less likely to use effective contraception compared to women who do not use drugs. Results from a multi-year trial found that a two-part intervention featuring co-located contraceptive services in opioid treatment programs and financial incentives could offer an effective solution.

New Chair Named for Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

After a nationwide search, Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD, has been named chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and UC San Diego Health.

Center Brings Doctors, Scientists Together to Improve Health of Mother and Child

The Center for Perinatal Discovery at UC San Diego brings doctors and researchers together for clinical, translational and basic research to better understand maternal health, environmental exposures, fertility, pregnancy and the health of children.

Specialized Care Team Launched in Central Texas to Help High-Risk Expectant Mothers

To offer transport to a high level of specialty care for expectant mothers and their babies, Baylor Scott & White Health has launched the system’s first Central Texas maternal transport team.
Baylor Scott & White maternal nurses staff the team, which also includes pilots, paramedics and EMTs who will facilitate transfers of high-risk obstetrics patients via air and ground transfers from hospitals throughout the region. The maternal transport team began service May 17, transporting patients to and from facilities inside and outside of the Baylor Scott & White Health system.

CUR Health Sciences Division Announces 2021 Mentor Awardees

The Health Sciences Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research announces the 2021 recipients of its Mentor Awards, which honor exceptional mentoring and advising by higher education faculty across all subdivisions of health sciences.


MITRE’s Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Interactive Dashboard—expanded in both capacity and reach—unleashes new opportunities to address the inequities in maternal health. Our collaboration with the March of Dimes promises even more impact.

Maternal Obesity May Cause Impaired Fetal Muscle Development and Metabolic Disorder

Article title: An obesogenic maternal environment impairs mouse growth patterns, satellite cell activation and markers of post-natal myogenesis Authors: Jasmine Mikovic, Camille R. Brightwell, Angus Lindsay, Yuan Wen, Greg Kowalski, Aaron P. Russell, Christopher S. Fry,  Séverine Lamon From the authors:…