THT 2023 Late-Breaking Clinical Science Announced

The full list of late-breaking clinical science to be presented at THT 2023: Technology and Heart Failure Therapeutics is now available online. An international heart failure conference organized by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), THT will take place March 20-22, 2023, at the Westin Boston Seaport in Boston, MA.

Machine learning model speeds up assessing catalysts for decarbonization technology from months to milliseconds

Argonne researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based model to greatly speed up the process for engineering a low-cost catalyst that converts biomass into fuels and useful chemicals with many possible applications.

Jurassic shark – Shark from the Jurassic period was already highly evolved

Cartilaginous fish have changed much more in the course of their evolutionary history than previously believed. Evidence for this thesis has been provided by new fossils of a ray-like shark, Protospinax annectans, which demonstrate that sharks were already highly evolved in the Late Jurassic. This is the result of a recent study by an international research group led by palaeobiologist Patrick L. Jambura from the Department of Palaeontology at the University of Vienna, which was recently published in the journal Diversity.

Your Gut’s Microbiome, On a Chip

In APL Bioengineering, researchers describe how gut-on-a-chip devices can bridge lab models and human biology. Modeling the microbiome is particularly difficult because of its unique environmental conditions, but through creative design, gut-on-a-chip devices can simulate many of these properties, such as the gut’s anaerobic atmosphere, fluid flow, and pulses of contraction/relaxation. Growing intestinal cells in this environment means that they more closely resemble human biology compared to standard laboratory cell cultures.

Super-fast insect urination powered by the physics of superpropulsion

Sharpshooter insects excrete by catapulting urine droplets at high accelerations. By using computational fluid dynamics and biophysical experiments, the researchers studied the fluidic, energetic, and biomechanical principles of sharpshooter excretion. Their study reveals how an insect smaller than the tip of a pinky finger performs a feat of physics and bioengineering – superpropulsion.

Study Finds 1-in-5 Patients at High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Refuse Statin Therapy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, killing someone in the United States every 34 seconds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A new study by investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a founding member of the Mass General Brigham healthcare system, conducted the first population-based study on patients’ nonacceptance of statin therapy recommendations.

ACC Scientific Session 2023 to Feature Smidt Heart Institute Experts

Experts from the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai, California’s premier cardiology and heart surgery provider, will present innovative research findings and lead discussions on the latest high-impact medical breakthroughs during the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Annual Scientific Session & Expo March 4-6 in New Orleans.

US falls far behind most of the world in support for fathers and caregivers of aging adults

Today, the WORLD Policy Analysis Center (WORLD) at UCLA, launched “Equality within Our Lifetimes,” the most comprehensive analysis to date of laws and policies related to gender equality in all 193 U.N. member states. While the U.S. performs well in some areas, it has become even more of an outlier when it comes to care.

Life Is Good After Complex, Robotic Mitral Valve Repair

Elizabeth Hinlein is freshly home from three weeks in Italy. The streets of Venice, Florence, Rome and Siena inspired her creative work as an artist and filmmaker, and also helped her regain her strength and build back her stamina. And count her lucky stars.

خبير من مايو كلينك للرعاية الصحية: الذكاء الاصطناعي يحسن دقة تنظير القولون

لندن – يقضي جيمس إيست، دكتور الطب، أيامه في فحص قولون الناس بمهارة، والبحث عن السلائل المشبوهة التي قد تتحول يومًا ما إلى سرطان، والتخلص منها. يقول طبيب الجهاز الهضمي في مايو كلينك للرعاية الصحية في لندن، إن القدرة على التعرف على مخاطر الإصابة بالسرطان والقضاء عليها في الحال خلال تنظير القولون من الأمور المجزية للغاية في مهنته التي اختارها.

Experto de Mayo Clinic Healthcare: la inteligencia artificial mejora la precisión de la colonoscopia

El Dr. James East dedica su tiempo a examinar con destreza el colon de las personas para buscar y detectar pólipos sospechosos que podrían transformarse en algún momento en cáncer. Este gastroenterólogo de Mayo Clinic Healthcare en Londres afirma que la capacidad de identificar riesgos de cáncer y de eliminarlos de inmediato durante una colonoscopia es una de las partes más gratificantes de la profesión que eligió.

Especialista da Mayo Clinic Healthcare: a inteligência artificial melhora a precisão da colonoscopia

O Dr. James East passa os seus dias examinando com habilidade o cólon das pessoas, procurando e extraindo pólipos suspeitos que um dia poderiam se transformar em câncer. Gastroenterologista da Mayo Clinic Healthcare em Londres, ele diz que a capacidade de identificar os riscos do câncer e eliminá-los diretamente no local durante a colonoscopia é uma das partes mais satisfatórias da profissão que ele escolheu.

12 exotic bacteria found to passively collect rare earth elements from wastewater

Scientists have shown that the biomass of 12 previously unstudied strains of cyanobacteria from around the globe is efficient at the biosorption of the rare earth elements lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, and terbium from aqueous solutions. This allows these rare elements, for which demand is steadily growing, to be collected from wastewater from mining, metallurgy, and the recycling of e-waste and reused.

UCLA Health expert available to discuss colorectal cancer screening, the increase in colorectal cancer in young adults, and more during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

  UCLA Health expert available to discuss colorectal cancer screening, the increase in colorectal cancer in young adults, and more during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Folasade May, MD, PhD, UCLA Health colon cancer prevention researcher and gastroenterologist, is available for interview on a variety…