Hackensack Meridian Health Project HEAL Receives $500,000 Grant to Target Community Violence

Hackensack Meridian Health is proud to announce that Project HEAL, a hospital-based violence intervention program based at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, received a $500,000 grant to expand services in the successful multi-disciplined program to address community, domestic, and gang-related violence.

April Research Highlights

This tipsheet highlights the latest medical discoveries and faculty news at Cedars-Sinai. Links to full news releases are included with each item.

The Source of the Aurora Borealis: Electrons Surfing on Alfvén Waves

New experiments have shown the source of the aurora borealis. Researchers have demonstrated Alfvén waves accelerating electrons under conditions that correspond to Earth’s magnetosphere. The new experiments show that electrons “surf” on the electric field of the Alfvén wave in a plasma. These electrons are the ultimate source of the light we call the aurora borealis.

‘Eye-catching’ smartphone app could make it easy to screen for neurological disease at home

UC San Diego researchers developed a smartphone app that could allow people to screen for Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and other neurological diseases and disorders—by recording closeups of their eye. The app uses a smartphone’s built-in near-infrared camera and selfie camera to track how a person’s pupil changes in size. These pupil measurements could be used to assess a person’s cognitive condition.

Why Breakthrough COVID? Antibodies Fighting Original Virus May Be Weaker Against Omicron

If you’re wondering why after two vaccination doses and a booster shot, you still got sick from the omicron strain of the virus that causes COVID-19, one possible answer may have been found in a recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Fermilab engineers develop new control electronics for quantum computers that improve performance, cut costs

Quantum computing experiments now have a new control and readout electronics option that will significantly improve performance while replacing cumbersome and expensive systems. Developed by a team of engineers at Fermilab in collaboration with the University of Chicago, the Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit, or QICK for short, is easily scalable.

باحثو مايو كلينك يقومون بتحميل الخلايا التائية ذات مستقبلات المستضد الخيمرية ذات الفيروس المحلل للورم لعلاج الأورام السرطانية الصلبة

ابتكر باحثون من مركز مايو كلينك للطب الفردي أسلوبًا للعلاج المناعي يجمع بين العلاج بالخلايا التائية ذات مستقبلات المستضد الخيمرية، أو العلاج بخلايا CAR-T، والفيروس قاتل السرطان لاستهداف الأورام السرطانية الصلبة وعلاجها بشكل أكثر فعالية

Pesquisadores da Mayo Clinic carregam células CAR-T com vírus oncolítico para tratar tumores sólidos

Pesquisadores do Centro de Medicina Individualizada da Mayo Clinic criaram uma técnica de imunoterapia que combina terapia de células T com receptor de antígeno quimérico, ou terapia celular CAR-T, com um vírus que mata o câncer para direcionar melhor o alvo e tratar com mais eficiência tumores de câncer sólidos.

Follow the Keto Diet the Right Way for Weight Loss and Better Health

Chula doctors advise people to gain a better understanding of the “high-fat content Keto weight loss diet” to find out the good effects, and the side effects. The emphasis should be on weight loss to combat diseases and long-term health benefits with a balanced and moderate diet.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy to Speak at Inaugural Xavier University | Ochsner Health Physician Assistant Program Class of 2022 Commencement

Xavier University of Louisiana and Ochsner Health will celebrate their inaugural Physician Assistant (PA) Program Class of 2022 with a closing ceremony and a commencement. The 28-month, full-time graduate program, which leads to a master’s degree in health sciences, began in 2020 and is comprised of three semesters of classroom instruction followed by 16 months of clinical training within Ochsner Health.

Import tariffs: an alternative to a European energy embargo against Russia

Tariffs on Russian energy imports could provide the EU with a lever to reduce Russia’s financial gains from its oil and gas exports and allow it to flexibly react to Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, a team of economists from the European think tank Bruegel, Harvard, and the University of Cologne propose in a letter to Science and in a working paper.