OU Engineers Move to Reduce Emissions and Improve Operating Efficiencies in Oil and Gas Industry

Whether for a natural gas pipeline or an offshore production platform, the carbon footprint of reciprocating engines in the oil and gas sector continues to get larger. Wanting to rein in these emissions, University of Oklahoma engineers have discovered that a 70% reduction in emissions from natural gas engines may be achievable.

‘You can do anything’: teen with disabilities reaches for her dreams

When Shianna Wilson was born, doctors said she may never be able to walk or move her arm. Diagnosed with brachial plexus palsy and cerebral palsy, Shianna underwent multiple surgeries as a young child. Throughout her life, she has worked hard to accomplish her goals, gaining strength and motion – even taking dance classes.


Now that kids have gone back to day care, camp and school, at least some parts of life seem to be getting back to normal. But along with their crumpled-up artwork, kids are also bringing home germs. One virus in particular, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), is causing concern while it circulates during what is typically its off-season. Here’s what parents need to know about RSV, including how to differentiate it from COVID-19.

New Jersey Woman Experiences Great Success after Bariatric Surgery Despite COVID-19 Obstacles

Some people who have had bariatric surgery are uncomfortable discussing it, but Melissa Flores, 27, feels differently. After losing over 100 pounds since she underwent gastric sleeve surgery in June 2020, Melissa has become an advocate for this option, sharing her experience with anyone who is interested in her weight loss journey.