Massive IT outage exposes global dependence on few software platforms, cybersecurity expert says

A West Virginia University cybersecurity expert says the recent worldwide technology outage that grounded flights and disrupted hospitals, banks, businesses and governments should serve as a warning that society cannot rely solely on Microsoft or similar platforms for day-to-day operations.…

Wetland wonders unfold: aerial systems shed light on ecosystem services

A cutting-edge study revolutionizes coastal wetland mapping by integrating unmanned aerial systems with light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and multispectral sensors. This innovative approach provides detailed elevation data and vegetation analysis, enabling highly accurate classifications of diverse wetland types. The research advances conservation by offering a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective method that is instrumental in climate change mitigation strategies and informs policy-making for coastal resilience.

LANGaware awarded Patient Engagement Solutions agreement with Premier, Inc. for Early Detection of Cognitive and Behavioral Health Diseases

LANGaware, a pioneering AI-driven healthcare technology company, has been awarded a national group purchasing agreement for Patient Engagement Solutions with Premier, Inc.

High-Speed Camera for Molecules: Entangled Photons Enabled Raman Spectroscopy

This scheme significantly improves the frequency-time resolution of spectra, yielding elaborate HOM interference which enables the selective access of stimulated Raman scattering. In addition, no grating is required for detection, simplifying the experimental setup.

Perceptions to connections: A multidimensional investigation of hydrogen acceptance

Abstract As green hydrogen plays an increasingly pivotal role in shaping sustainable economies and society, understanding public acceptance of hydrogen becomes imperative for fostering social support towards hydrogen energy transitions. This study employs a survey-based structural equation modelling method to…

Cedars-Sinai Again Ranked in Top Tier of U.S. Hospitals

Cedars-Sinai has been named to the Honor Roll for the ninth consecutive year in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2024-25” rankings.

Wang named recipient of the 2024 American Welding Society Professor Koichi Masubuchi Award

Yiyu (Jason) Wang, an R&D associate staff member in the Materials Science and Technology Division at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will receive the Professor Koichi Masubuchi Award from the American Welding Society, or AWS. He will be presented with the honor at the 2024 AWS Annual Meeting in October in Orlando, Florida.

The Detection of a Massive Harmful Algal Bloom in the Arctic Prompts Real-Time Advisories to Western Alaskan Communities

In summer of 2022, a research cruise detected a massive harmful algal bloom (HAB) in the Bering Strait region of western Alaska. This expedition provided a dramatic example of science utilizing new technology to track a neurotoxic HAB, and effectively communicate information that protects remote coastal communities in real-time.

Digital Self-Harm Surges Among U.S. Teens from 2016 to 2021

Digital self-harm, where individuals anonymously post or share hurtful content about themselves online, has increased more than 88% since 2016. Between 2019 and 2021, about 9 to 12% of 13 to 17 year olds in the U.S. engaged in digital self-harm. The study also explored whether teens who experienced cyberbullying were more likely to engage in digital self-harm.

New technique offers unprecedented control over light at terahertz frequencies

Scientists have developed a new method to generate and control terahertz radiation, a type of light useful for various applications. Their device employs magnetic multilayers with programmable magnetization to create different patterns of terahertz waves, including beams with specific twists and rotations.

Mercy Medical Center First in Mid-Atlantic Region to Offer Orthopedic Patients New Mixed Reality Technology Platform for Shoulder Surgery

Nationally recognized for orthopedic surgery, Mercy Medical Center is now the first in the mid-Atlantic region to offer shoulder arthroplasty using a new mixed reality technology platform known as Blueprint Mixed Reality (MR) Guidance, developed by Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies.

Understanding quantum states: New FAMU-FSU research shows importance of precise topography in solid neon qubits

A study led by FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Professor Wei Guo that was published in Physical Review Letters shows new insight into the quantum state that describes the condition of electrons on an electron-on-solid-neon quantum bit, information that can help engineers build this innovative technology.

Power Generated from Waste Branches and Kudzu Vines

The Korea Institute of Energy Research develops technology to transform discarded forestry and agricultural waste into solid-type biofuel for power generation. Developing technology to upcycle non-edible waste into carbon-neutral fuel is crucial for constructing a circular bioeconomy as well as coping with climate crisis.

Technological aspects, utilization and impact on power system for distributed generation: A comprehensive survey

Abstract Nowadays, due to the utilization of an abundant amount of fossil fuels environmental pollution increases rapidly. In order to rectify such a major problem, the power sector focused on distributed generation technology which increases the quality, sustainability, and reliability…

Synergy of green energy technologies through critical materials circularity

Abstract Synergies between technology flows is essential to balance the consumption of their related critical materials and promote a sustainable green economy transition. Using dynamics modelling, a comprehensive analysis of silicon flows applied in green energy technologies such as photovoltaic…

Polyphase wireless power transfer system achieves 270-kilowatt charge, sets another world record for electric light-duty passenger vehicles

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have successfully demonstrated the first 270-kW wireless power transfer to a light-duty electric vehicle. The demonstration used a Porsche Taycan and was conducted in collaboration with Volkswagen Group of America using the ORNL-developed polyphase wireless charging system.

Jury Awards $122M in Advertising Patent Case Following Testimony of Quandary Peak Experts

A week-long patent trial in Waco, Texas, concluded on Friday with a jury verdict against Amazon and an award of $122 million in damages. Two software experts affiliated with Quandary Peak Research, Dr. Eric Koskinen and Jason Frankovitz, testified during the trial. Koskinen and Frankovitz were retained on behalf of the plaintiff, an advertising technology company.

Optimized agrivoltaic tracking for nearly-full commodity crop and energy production

Abstract As the global population accelerates toward a full earth scenario, food, energy, and water demands will increase dramatically. The first order constraints that face resource generation technologies, such as static land availability, compound into second order challenges such as…

Comprehensive Detection of Light: Dispersion-assisted Photodetector Deciphering High-dimensional Light

The intricate nature of light, characterized by its intensity, polarization, and spectrum composition, holds profound importance across a range of scientific and technological disciplines. From enhancing optical communications to enabling precise chemical and biological characterization, a comprehensive understanding of light’s properties is indispensable.

UC Irvine-led research team discovers new property of light

Irvine, Calif., May 6, 2024 – A research team headed by chemists at the University of California, Irvine has discovered a previously unknown way in which light interacts with matter, a finding that could lead to improved solar power systems, light-emitting diodes, semiconductor lasers and other technological advancements.