metaphacts and Dimensions launch the Dimensions Knowledge Graph, powered by metaphactory

Digital Science solutions metaphacts and Dimensions announce the launch of the Dimensions Knowledge Graph, a large ready-made knowledge graph powering AI solutions in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Working Towards Toxic-Free AI

Unlike existing work, which relies on training data from social media examples, a new benchmark, named ToxicChat, is based on examples gathered from real-world interactions between users and an AI-powered chatbot. ToxicChat is able to weed out queries that use seemingly harmless language but are actually harmful, which would pass muster with most current models.

AI makes it harder to spot deep fakes than ever before, but awareness is key, says expert

As artificial intelligence programs continue to develop and access is easier than ever, it’s making it harder to separate fact from fiction. Just this week, an AI-generated image of an explosion near the Pentagon made headlines online and even slightly impacted the stock market until it was quickly deemed a hoax.