Unbound Intelligence™ Revolutionizes Educational Technology with AI and Human Expertise

Unbound Medicine, a pioneer in knowledge management solutions for healthcare for nearly a quarter-century, announces the expansion of Unbound Intelligence™ (UBI), a groundbreaking union of artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise, into its end-to-end platform. This expansion redefines learning experiences for clinicians, educators, and students globally.

Over many years of collaboration with leading healthcare and professional organizations, Unbound has consistently identified unmet information needs and knowledge gaps. Today, combining UBI with its end-to-end digital publishing platform, Unbound empowers health educators and students in ways never before possible. Using a variety of generative AI models and methodologies melded with its knowledge engineering expertise, Unbound has developed highly adaptable, easy-to-use knowledge management tools that enable educators to innovate and improve educational outcomes.

Unbound Intelligence is being integrated across the Unbound Platform™ that serves medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools as well as medical and nursing professional societies. Starting with Nursing Central™, Unbound’s premier nursing solution, UBI assists nurse educators in curriculum development, case-based learning, and student assessment. Educational activities are created interactively with educators and are tailored to the current learning context and student journey. These activities are personalized, relevant, and engaging for students, enhancing their learning experience while also saving time for busy educators.

“This is an exciting time to be at the nexus of healthcare, education, and technology,” said Bill Detmer, MD, CEO of Unbound Medicine. “We believe that UBI-infused products will truly revolutionize professional education and practice, keeping the educator at the center. Ensuring the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies in education remains a cornerstone of our commitment.”

“As an educator who has seen Unbound Intelligence in action, I can attest to its significant impact,” said Liz Robison, EdD, CNE, retired Professor of Nursing and expert in healthcare simulation. “Educators will be able to generate personalized learning experiences while saving precious time. The result should enrich the nursing education experience, benefiting educators and students alike.”

The UBI integration in Nursing Central is currently under evaluation by Unbound’s Nurse Advisory Group. Soon, a Pilot Program will begin allowing more educators to experience how UBI promotes personalized learning in their curriculum. For more information and to sign up for the Pilot Program, visit the Nursing Central website.

About Unbound Medicine

Unbound Medicine creates trailblazing digital products that advance healthcare education and provide answers to clinical questions at the point of need. With expertise in medical information science, digital health publishing, and advanced healthcare technologies including AI, our team has delivered award-winning mobile and web solutions to professional societies, healthcare institutions, and individual clinicians for 25 years. For more information, visit www.unboundmedicine.com.

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