What does your success look like? Argonne women leaders share how they chose that fork in the road

As the nation celebrates Women’s History Month during March, some women leaders at Argonne share their passions and pitfalls as well as mentors and advice that changed their career trajectories.

From extracting DNA to networking: Students consider STEM careers at Argonne’s Hispanic/Latino Education Outreach Day

Students from the Little Village Lawndale High School Campus saw how Argonne scientists — many of Hispanic/Latino heritage — perform pivotal research during the 17th annual Hispanic/Latino Education Outreach Day.

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Aegon Transamerica Foundation Collaborating to Support Underrepresented Minority Students

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and the Aegon Transamerica Foundation are collaborating to promote business education to underrepresented minority students. The new collaboration will include support for Carey’s annual Summer Business Academy, its ongoing leadership development mentoring program, and a new scholarship for graduate students.

Study Aims to (re)Define Latino Manhood and Masculinity

Researchers explored how 34 Latino undergraduate male students defined masculinity and manhood based on their own life experiences and looked at gender socialization, leadership and transfer experiences. Study results suggest including the importance of an approach to research and practice that engages Latino undergraduate male students via leadership development and involvement that is reflective of the way Latino masculine gender identity and leadership performance is socialized within the social construct of “familismo.”