Sasin Action Learning: “Kung Bang Kachao: Developing Product and Pricing Strategies Concerning ESG and Circular Economy”

Sasin MBA students in the “Pricing Strategies in the Era of Sustainability and Digital Transformation” class, led by Assistant Professor Yupin Patarapongsant, had an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in two fascinating eco-friendly experiences in Kung Bang Kachao, Samut Prakan.

Supply base concentration and firm innovation performance: A contingency study of supply base breadth, depth, dispersion, and collaboration

Abstract To survive in the current business environment, a firm must embrace ‘innovation’ in its overall business strategies. While scholars have investigated drivers of firms’ innovation performance, the concentration of a firm’s supply base and its potential link to innovation…

Disadvantaged entrepreneurs often fear success, but new research can help

When low-income entrepreneurs start their own businesses, they frequently fear failure — a well-documented phenomenon. But over time, they may also fear success, given the costs and unknowns it can bring, and this barrier to growth is under-studied and underappreciated. A new study from a Keough School of Global Affairs expert breaks new ground by explaining this fear and offers five recommendations to help entrepreneurs overcome it and move out of poverty.

To gain competitive edge in 2023 and beyond, companies should try war gaming

It has been nearly three years since the COVID-19 pandemic upended businesses worldwide. From supply chain disruptions to shipping delays, worker shortages and, now, the looming threat of a recession, it has been anything but business as usual ever since.With so much uncertainty, how can businesses gain a competitive edge going into the new year and beyond? How can they better anticipate threats created by competitors, the economy, suppliers, politicians and more, and identify new opportunities?One way is through the process of “war gaming,” according to John Horn, professor of practice in economics at Washington University’s Olin Business School and author of the forthcoming book, “Inside the competitor’s mindset: How to predict their next move and position yourself for success.

Quick MBA for SMEs – Chula’s Intensive and Practical Training for Business Survival during the COVID-19 Crisis

The recently-concluded and successful “Quick MBA for SMEs” social project from Chula that brought knowledge to the living room of four groups of SMEs entrepreneurs: food businesses, hotels & accommodation, health, and fashion, to help them adapt and survive the COVID-19 crisis. Watch past episodes to revive and empower your business today.