With or without metamorphosis of learning Orientation: Post-Cross-Border mergers and acquisitions performance of emerging multinational enterprises

Abstract This study aims to shed light on how emerging multinational enterprises (EMNEs) can successfully learn from their strategic cross-border mergers and acquisitions (CBMAs). Building on organization learning theory, we introduce a “metamorphosis” strategy that outlines a transition from exploitation…

Do enterprise education competitions have gendered outcomes amongst STEM early-career researchers?

Abstract This article examines whether an enterprise education competition is gendered and so, may have unintended gendered outcomes for male and female Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) early-career researcher participants. Sex-based differences in entrepreneurial intentions (EI) and entrepreneurial self-efficacy…

Out of the shadows and into the Light: UniSA reopens historic haunt as new Enterprise Hub

From publicans and pawnbrokers to vampires and exotic dancers, Light Square has a long and colourful history of interesting residents. Now, a new breed of business will occupy the north-western corner of Light Square as UniSA unveils its new state-of-the-art enterprise and innovation facility.

National Primate Research Center of Thailand Chulalongkorn University Symposium 2023

As its 11th-anniversary approaches, the National Primate Research Center of Thailand Chulalongkorn University (NPRCT-CU) and the Primates Enterprise Co., Ltd. are pleased to announce two events in February 2023:

Chula Creates Jobs and Business Opportunities to Fight Economic Woes and Instill Local Pride

The Center of Learning Network for the Region (CLNR) Chulalongkorn University is proud to have created jobs for new graduates, students and those who lost their income during the COVID-19 pandemic while encouraging them to use the love of their hometowns and discovery of their folk wisdom in combination with new knowledge and technology to develop new products, and establish community enterprises for sustainable development.

Quick MBA for SMEs – Chula’s Intensive and Practical Training for Business Survival during the COVID-19 Crisis

The recently-concluded and successful “Quick MBA for SMEs” social project from Chula that brought knowledge to the living room of four groups of SMEs entrepreneurs: food businesses, hotels & accommodation, health, and fashion, to help them adapt and survive the COVID-19 crisis. Watch past episodes to revive and empower your business today.

Chula Unveils World-Class Innovative Prosthesis Made by Thais

April 9, 2021 – Chula holds the 4th CHULA the Impact Seminar entitled “World–Class Innovative Prosthesis Made by Thais” showcasing the capabilities of Chula researchers from Chula Engineering Enterprises