New international study concludes digital media can fuel polarisation and populism

A team of international researchers has carried out a comprehensive review of hundreds of studies globally, the biggest of its kind, exploring whether digital media erodes democracy and found that while social media is not exclusively bad, it can certainly fuel starkly conflicting views, populism, and political mistrust especially in established democracies.

UCI School of Social Ecology welcomes Andrew Yang for “Leading the Change Distinguished Speaker Series”

EVENT:  The School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine, welcomes Andrew Yang for its “Leading the Change Distinguished Speaker Series.” The businessman, attorney, lobbyist, political candidate and co-founder of the Forward Party will speak on “Technology, Democracy and the Future.” Event is free and open to the public, but registration is required here: https://socialecology.

GW Experts on Election Security and Political Violence Ahead of the Midterms

“Election officials in the United States have been alerted to safe-proof their voting systems and be vigilant about political violence amid a “very complex threat environment,” top U.S. cybersecurity official Jen Easterly said on Sunday in the wake of an…

Climate Change Consensus Endures in Florida

Seven sequenced surveys since October 2019 paint a comprehensive picture of Floridians’ climate resilience attitudes during a period of particularly dynamic political, economic and environmental events. Climate change has emerged as an abiding and cross-cutting issue in Florida.

EVENT: Peaceful Transitions of Power – Protecting Our Democracy – October 8th

A panel discussion moderated by AU President Sylvia Burwell, featuring Joshua Bolten, chief of staff for President George W. Bush; John Podesta, chief of staff for President Bill Clinton and David Marchick, dean of the Kogod School of Business and former director of the Center for Presidential Transition at the Partnership for Public Service. The event will discuss vulnerabilities in our system of transitions of power and focus on Dean Marchick’s new book, The Peaceful Transfer of Power: An Oral History of America’s Presidential Transitions.

This event is part of American University’s Conversations on Policy, Politics and Our American Democracy series during AU’s Family Weekend.

Highly partisan U.S. election administration should become nonpartisan to preserve democracy, new report recommends

Election Administration In America – Partisan by Design, a recently released report from the Center for an Independent and Sustainable Democracy at Arizona State University and Open Primaries, a national election reform organization, indicates electoral codes in the United States are rife with rules for how the two major parties – Republican and Democratic – prioritize their power at the exclusion of everyone else.

Mass shootings: Conservative, liberal #socialmedia users starting to agree — enough is enough, says @UNLV researcher

Schoolchildren huddled in Uvalde, Tex. classrooms as classmates and teachers are cut down by a rogue gunman. A peaceful weekend afternoon at a Buffalo, N.Y. grocery store interrupted by a white supremacist who sprays the aisles of elderly, predominantly African American weekend shoppers with an AR-15 style rifle. Only five months into the year, these attacks tallied as the 198th and 214th U.

Massive dataset reveals which governments have best responded to COVID-19 pandemic

How well did our political institutions manage the COVID-19 pandemic and are they prepared to handle future threats to the public? A research team led by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York hopes to answer these questions and more after compiling an extensive dataset tracking public health government responses to COVID-19 at all levels of government throughout the world.

George Washington University faculty experts are available to provide insight, context, and commentary before and after the Jan. 6 Committee hearings. To schedule an interview with a GW expert, contact GW Media Relations at [email protected]

To schedule an interview with a GW expert, contact GW Media Relations at [email protected] Lara Brown, director of the GW Graduate School of Political Management, is an expert on the presidency. She can discuss the implications of the Trump White…

Political variables carried more weight than healthcare in government response to COVID-19

Political institutions such as the timing of elections and presidentialism had a larger influence on COVID-19 strategies than the institutions organizing national healthcare, according to a research team led by a professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Despite losing a U.S. House seat, West Virginia can still wield congressional power

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Although West Virginia will lose one of three congressional seats – based on a decline of nearly 65,000 residents in new U.S. Census Bureau data – the overall damage may be minimal, according to a West Virginia…

Space policy continues to shoot for the Moon: ASU Thunderbird’s newest professor says space appears to be one thing Trump and Biden agree on

ASU Thunderbird’s newest professor says space appears to be one thing Trump and Biden agree on The Biden White House has generally made every attempt to distance itself from the Trump administration’s policies and messaging. The new president has swiftly…

A leader’s gender plays a role in local government sustainability policymaking

When it comes to local government, does the gender of a mayor or county executive matter in sustainability policymaking? Yes, but only in certain ways, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.