American University Experts Look Ahead to 2023

What: Uncertainty in the economy and a possible global recession, the quest for normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic; the continued war in Ukraine; record numbers of migrants surging across the U.S.-Mexican border… As 2022 concludes, American University experts share their…

WeChat, TikTok Ban ‘Signals U.S., Chinese Internets Drifting Apart,’ and this is Bad for the Global Economy

With the Trump administration ban of WeChat and TikTok, Research Professor Kislaya Prasad can explain why this signals “the U.S. and Chinese Internets are drifting apart” and why this “is bad for the world.” Prasad is Academic Director of the…

Trade Economist Shares Recent Surprises, Uncertain Future for International Trade

Professor Alan Deardorff has been a leading expert on international trade for decades, yet even the longtime University of Michigan professor has been stunned at the developments of recent years.

Speaking with University of Virginia Darden School of Business students in Professor Peter Debaere’s “Managing International Trade and Investment” course, Deardorff, the former academic adviser of Debaere and Darden Professor Dan Murphy, shared newfound lessons on the power of the U.S. presidency and what we might learn from trade in a time of a global pandemic.