Dance and the state: Research explores ballet training in Ukraine

Ballet training centers of Ukraine successfully resist co-optation by both neo-imperial and nationalist ideologies, forming robust and inclusive dancing communities that in many ways mirror structures of modern Ukrainian society, according to research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Ukraine Refugees Could Boost Europe’s GDP

New research suggests the influx of Ukrainian refugees across Europe will improve long-term GDP for European countries that invest in infrastructure and other capital improvements. However, countries receiving Ukrainian refugees will likely face significant costs in the short term.

AU Museum to Open Six New Exhibits This Summer

Summer exhibitions at American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center will open June 17. They feature the first U.S. museum showing of black and white photographs of rural communities in pre-war Ukraine; prints and posters from a trailblazing artist from the Chicano Art Movement; glass sculptures by Rhoda Baer; Spanish artist Pilar Albarracín and Taiwanese-American artist Leigh Wen; and an artistic and poetic collaboration on the struggles of displaced people.

UC San Diego Expert Shares Insights on War in Ukraine

Jesse Driscoll, associate professor of political science at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy, has authored a new book, “Ukraine’s Unnamed War.” Driscoll traveled to Ukraine to begin researching the book in 2014. In this Q&A and video, Driscoll discusses how the current conflict emerged from the ragged settlement of 2014-2016 and shares insights on what to expect as the largest war in recent European history grinds forward.

Expert Available: The political implications and importance of Finland’s entry to NATO — what it means for the conflict in Eastern Europe and regional politics

Christian Jensen, Ph.D., is a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He’s an expert on the topic of European affairs, and can answer high-level questions about Finland and its place in European politics following its accession to…

Saint Joseph’s University: Russian politics expert available to comment on Finland joining NATO

What: According to the Associated Press, Finland joined the NATO military alliance Tuesday, dealing a major blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a historic realignment of Europe’s post-Cold War security landscape triggered by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Who: Lisa Baglione, PhD, is…

URI professor’s new book looks at internal divisions in Ukraine that contributed to current conflict with Russia

On a Fulbright research trip to Ukraine in 2014, Nicolai Petro had a front row seat to the eruption of the Maidan revolution, which led to the ouster of the country’s president who sought closer ties to Russia.  The revolution also exposed the deep domestic conflict over Ukraine’s national identity between those in the country’s east who honor their Russian heritage and welcome ties to their neighbor and those in the western region who reject everything Russian.

Russian missiles crossed into Poland, killing two people. As the western world confronts this global problem, UNLV professor and Polish native Joanna Kepka can talk about what’s next.

With NATO and the western world deciding on its response to the missiles strikes in Poland, the relations in Europe continue to deteriorate under the threat of expanded war. UNLV political science professor Joanne Kepka was born and raised in…

Missile strikes in Poland — UNLV professor Christian Jensen is an expert in European politics and can talk about what this means for global security.

With the missile strikes over the border of Poland, and U.S. intelligence blaming Russia, the ongoing war in Eastern Europe is getting closer to home for NATO-protected countries. What does this mean for world security? The Ukraine conflict? Western Europe?…

Europe can rapidly eliminate imports of Russian natural gas

Using a new power sector model, a team of researchers, including faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York, have proposed a method for Europe to eliminate natural gas imports from Russia.

European energy standoff amid reports of damage to the Nord Stream pipelines. UNLV professor Christian Jensen specializes in the politics of the European Union.

With reports of heightened energy tensions following the escalation of the war in Ukraine, UNLV professor Christian Jensen is a perfect source for answers. He specializes in the politics of the European Union and its neighbors, and his work has…

UAH student overcomes setbacks of war to solve a difficult quantum optical system problem

In work applicable to super-fast quantum computing and quantum optics, undergraduate research by a recent graduate in physics and mathematics at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) has simplified a difficult mathematical problem to further illuminate the behavior of two-level quantum optical systems.

Study points to Armenian origins of ancient crop with aviation biofuel potential

Camelina, also known as false flax or Gold-of-Pleasure, is an ancient oilseed crop with emerging applications in the production of sustainable, low-input biofuels. Multidisciplinary research from Washington University in St. Louis is revealing the origins and uses of camelina and may help guide decisions critical to achieving its potential as a biofuel feedstock for a greener aviation industry in the future.

Your groceries are shrinking due to COVID-19, Ukraine war

Companies are shrinking the size of their products to increase profits in a process known as shrinkflation, and global crises like COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine are exacerbating the issue, according to an economics expert at Binghamton University, State…