Virginia Tech expert comments on latest earthquake to strike Turkey and Syria

Residents of Southern Turkey were again jolted by a new earthquake Monday, this trembler reported by the U.S. Geology Survey (USGS) as 6.3 in magnitude. News reports state that scores of buildings that were damaged in powerful quakes on February 6 have been further damaged or outright collapsed. Virginia Tech’s Robert Weiss, who studies natural hazards, calls the devastating trio of earthquake “unusual,” but not “impossible.

Poor infrastructure in Turkey, Syria partially to blame for the high number of earthquake casualties, says expert

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria killed over 45,000 people and decimated large areas. The shockingly high number of fatalities raises the question of whether infrastructure issues are to blame. Roberto Leon, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, said there are several reasons for the large number of collapses, leading to mass casualties: Poor enforcement of existing codes (modern codes instituted after the 1999 Izmit earthquake) Grandfathering of older, deficient structures and not requiring their retrofit (structures built before 1999) Poor construction practices (i.

GW Expert Available to Discuss Humanitarian Assistance for Earthquake Victims in Northwest Syria

As of Friday, Reuters reports the death toll from the Feb. 6th earthquakes in Turkey and Syria now nears 44,000 between both countries, with rescuers pulling more survivors alive out of the debris almost two weeks since. Aid organizations say survivors will…

FSU experts available to comment on Thanksgiving traditions

By: Bill Wellock | Published: November 10, 2021 | 9:46 am | SHARE: As millions of people across the United States prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, Florida State University experts are available to talk with reporters working on articles about gratitude, the myth and reality of the holiday and the role turkeys have played for Indigenous peoples long before Europeans settled the U.

Former U.S. Ambassador available to answer key questions about current conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Intense fighting erupted September 27th between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh which may soon escalate to full-scale war. Former U.S. Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh is available to comment on what led to this clash, as well as the growing prospect that…

Turkey’s military aggression in Syria is as unlawful as Russia’s in Ukraine, Notre Dame expert says

Turkey continues its military operation in northeast Syria to control a major swath of Syrian territory, moving the Kurdish population far from its border, and Notre Dame Law School Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell, a renowned expert on international law, calls it lawless. “Turkey’s ground…