Impact of Potential NATO Expansion on International Business, Affairs and Trade

Sweden has announced it’s joining Finland in their request to join the Western military alliance NATO. The announcement comes in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, and marks an historic shift for Sweden, which has largely remained neutral for…

How should governments offer subsidies for clean-energy heating?

Many countries are already looking to adopt clean heating solutions more widely, with the International Energy Agency projecting that by 2045 nearly half of global heating will be done with heat pumps. A new study from Aalto University assesses the impact of heat pumps on energy consumption as well as how heat pumps should be subsidised.

Finnish expert available to comment on how Finland has succeeded in its COVID-driven transition to remote work: over 86% of knowledge-workers still happy with working from home

Matti Vartiainen is a senior advisor and professor (emer.) of work and organizational psychology at Aalto University. His research focuses on organizational innovations, digital work, new ways of working (mobile and multi-locational work, distributed teams and organizations), collaborative working environments…

Suspended studies and virtual lab meetings: How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting epilepsy researchers

How was epilepsy research forced to morph during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic? Researchers from 11 countries shared their experiences and thoughts on the future of laboratory research, clinical trials, and in-person conferences.