Rutgers Expert: On Preserving the High Seas and the Life Within

Climate change. Overfishing. Seabed floor mining. These are some of the epic challenges that would be addressed by a historic United Nations treaty protecting ocean biodiversity that gained backing in early March when a significant majority of nations agreed on language supporting it. Covering the “high seas,” the enormous belt of brine spanning nearly half of the globe, the U.

Legal principles assert migrants’ rights during pandemic

A global committee of legal scholars – including Cornell Law School’s Ian Kysel – developed a set of principles released April 28, “Human Mobility and Human Rights in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Principles of Protection for Migrants, Refugees and Other Displaced Persons,” reminding states of their obligations to those populations amid the public health crisis.

Pompeo announcement deeply alienates American and Israeli Jews committed to ending the occupation, says Notre Dame’s Atalia Omer

Please see comments on Pompeo’s announcement regarding Israeli settlements from Atalia Omer, associate professor of religion, conflict, and peace studies at the University of Notre Dame‘s Keough School of Global Affairs. Omer is also the author of Days of Awe: Reimagining Jewishness in Solidarity With Palestinians, about…

Turkey’s military aggression in Syria is as unlawful as Russia’s in Ukraine, Notre Dame expert says

Turkey continues its military operation in northeast Syria to control a major swath of Syrian territory, moving the Kurdish population far from its border, and Notre Dame Law School Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell, a renowned expert on international law, calls it lawless. “Turkey’s ground…