Continued Medicare Reimbursement Declines Could Threaten Access to Physicians

A new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study found that physician reimbursement per Medicare patient decreased 2.3% between 2005 and 2021 when accounting for inflation, despite a concurrent increase of 45.5% in physician services to each patient. These reimbursement trends varied widely by physician specialty (-57.6% for cardiac surgery to +189.1% for pain management).

Experiment to Capture Universe’s Earliest Moments Reaches Funding Milestone

The National Science Foundation has awarded up to $21.4 million for the design of telescopes for CMB-S4, an international experiment that will study the cosmic microwave background and help us understand the beginning, history, and makeup of the universe. Berkeley Lab leads the project for DOE and also plays a lead role in technology development.

Expert: Why the inflation news is better than some headlines suggest

On June 13, the Federal Reserve released updated inflation figures showing that the Consumer Price Index grew at a 4% annual rate in May. The difference in consumer prices from April to May, however, was just 0.1%. These two numbers paint very different pictures of the current state of inflation and the American economy.The confusion comes from the way in which we calculate inflation, according to John Horn, a professor of practice in economics at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St.

Could Changes in Fed’s Interest Rates Affect Pollution and the Environment?

Can monetary policy such as the United States Federal Reserve raising interest rates affect the environment? According to a new study, it can. Results suggest that the impact of monetary policy on pollution is basically domestic: a monetary contraction or reduction in a region reduces its own emissions, but this does not seem to spread out to other economies. However, the findings do not imply that the international economy is irrelevant to determining one region’s emissions level.

Economics expert explains how consumer price reports show ‘inflation is not done yet’

Expectations that inflation has eased fueled recent stock market gains, but results from two major price-tracking indexes came in higher than expected, dousing that optimism with cold water. The statistics from these reports have economists predicting that the Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates to get inflation under control.

Economics expert available to speak about outlier repercussions of Russian invasion of Ukraine

The one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion – or in the words of Kremlin leaders, “special military operation” – has left thousands dead or wounded, scores of buildings and infrastructure destroyed or damaged, and millions of people displaced. The economic damage from the war reaches far beyond the borders of Ukraine and Russia.

How Much Will Inflation Really Influence Spending This Holiday Season?

Almost everything is more expensive these days: Gas prices have reached record highs. Grocery prices are through the roof. And as we approach the holiday season, all that inflation leaves little money for extras like entertainment, travel, or shopping — or does it?  For the scoop on how inflation will influence the holidays, we checked in with UNLV hospitality professor, tourism researcher, and consumer behavior expert Amanda Belarmino.

‘Uncertain’ economic outlook includes negative growth in 2023; recession not ruled out

With inflation at a 40-year high and an economy that is growing at a sluggish pace, concerns about a recession are real. But it may be avoided if consumer spending continues to persist and if more workers enter the labor force, according to a forecast released today by the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

@UUtah economist talks about who does and doesn’t have student loan debt and about how people spend their money during the loan payment moratorium.

In the discussion around President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, one partisan point has come up repeatedly: that working class taxpayers shouldn’t pay off the debts of privileged college grads. But University of Utah economist Marshall Steinbaum says that’s not…

Top-100 Tax Law Professor Available to Speak about Inflation Reduction Plan

With President Joe Biden’s $80 billion Inflation Reduction Plan directing funds to the Internal Revenue Service ($45.6 billion chiefly for enforcement) and taxing cryptocurrencies, a relatively new area for the IRS, Albany Law School Professor Danshera Cords is available to share her insight and deep knowledge of tax law.

WVU researchers see inflation hitting some businesses harder than others

As inflation surpasses 9% and investors brace for the possibility that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates a full percentage point, two West Virginia University economists point out that the pain is not created equal, with the economic tailspin…

Your groceries are shrinking due to COVID-19, Ukraine war

Companies are shrinking the size of their products to increase profits in a process known as shrinkflation, and global crises like COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine are exacerbating the issue, according to an economics expert at Binghamton University, State…