Gen Z Shoppers Likely Driving Some Small Business Shopping Trends

While the numbers aren’t in just yet on how many people supported small businesses over the holiday weekend, a pre-holiday survey from Bankrate predicted more consumers were planning to shop on Small Business Saturday than on Black Friday. If you would…

What You Should Know About Holiday Shopping

Rutgers experts provide insight on ways to save money while focusing on holiday cheer With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, Rutgers experts weigh in on the holiday retail season. What should consumers do over the next month to know they…

How Much Will Inflation Really Influence Spending This Holiday Season?

Almost everything is more expensive these days: Gas prices have reached record highs. Grocery prices are through the roof. And as we approach the holiday season, all that inflation leaves little money for extras like entertainment, travel, or shopping — or does it?  For the scoop on how inflation will influence the holidays, we checked in with UNLV hospitality professor, tourism researcher, and consumer behavior expert Amanda Belarmino.

No surprise here! Unboxing videos fueling tantrums, breeding consumerism

Nearly 80% of kids age 4-10 regularly watch “unboxing videos” in which people, often children, open new presents online. The more they watch, the more likely they are to beg their parents for toys and throw a fit when the answer is no. Researchers are calling for more regulation and urging parents to talk to their kids about them.