1 in 5 operations may lead to surprise bills, even when surgeon & hospital are in-network

As if recovering from surgery wasn’t hard enough, a new study shows that one in five operations could result in an unwelcome surprise: a bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars that the patient didn’t know they might owe.
On average, that potential surprise bill added up to $2,011. That’s on top of the nearly $1,800 the average privately insured patient would already owe after it paid for most of the costs of their operation.

The CNS Announces a New Addition to its NEUROSURGERY® Publications Suite of Journals

The Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) is pleased to announce the debut of its latest journal, Neurosurgery Open. The goal of Neurosurgery Open is to provide an outlet for the publication of scientific papers dealing with clinical neurosurgery and experimental neurosurgery