Study estimates the lifetime benefit of combination therapy in patients with kidney disease without diabetes

A recent analysis of clinical trial data estimates that treatment with the combination of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and/or angiotensin receptor blockers (ACE inhibitors/ARBs) and sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors can substantially increase the lifetime survival free of kidney failure for patients with albuminuric chronic kidney disease without diabetes.

Together with Missouri S&T, Saint Louis University Researchers Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Kidney Transplant Process

With a new grant that brings together engineering expertise from Missouri S&T and medical expertise from Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine, researchers are investigating how artificial intelligence can support matchmaking between donated kidneys and transplant centers to help more patients in need.

Cell competition may explain cancer relapses, UT Southwestern research suggests

A normal process called cell competition, in which healthy tissues eliminate unhealthy cells, could be responsible for cancer relapses in patients months or years after they were declared cancer-free

Population-level study provides reassuring data on the risk of kidney disease relapse after COVID-19 vaccination

• In a population-level study of 1,105 adults with stable glomerular disease (a type of autoimmune kidney disease), a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine was not associated with relapse risk; however, receiving a subsequent vaccine dose was associated with a 2-fold higher relative risk of relapse.
• Importantly, the increase in absolute risk associated with vaccination was low (1–5% depending on type of glomerular disease), and most vaccine-associated disease flares were mild.

Study assesses symptom trajectories and outcomes in patients with kidney disease

● Among individuals with varying levels of chronic kidney disease who were not on dialysis, the prevalence of individual symptoms ranged from 24% (chest pain) to 83% (fatigue), and 98% of participants reported at least one symptom.
● Patients categorized as having a “Worse symptom score and worsening trajectory” of symptoms had higher risks of later needing dialysis and of dying before dialysis initiation.

Risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection during the Omicron surge in patients on dialysis: The role of antibody responses and vaccine doses

• Among US adults with kidney failure receiving dialysis, risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection during the Omicron-dominant period was higher among patients without vaccination and with 1–2 doses compared with 3 doses of mRNA vaccines.
• Irrespective of vaccine doses, risk for infection was higher among patients with low circulating levels of anti–SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.


The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) supports efforts by Congress to improve the US transplant system. Today, the Senate Finance Committee will conduct an oversight hearing, A System in Need of Repair: Addressing Organizational Failures of the U.S.’s Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN).

Albupro Plus Dietary Supplements Research from Chula for Kidney Patients and all Healthy People

A lecturer of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chula unveils her research on high egg white protein dietary supplement Albupro Plus, functional food for health lovers, now ready for sale.

Immunosuppressive drug’s blood level variability may identify pediatric kidney transplant recipients at risk of rejection

• Kidney transplant recipients typically take the immunosuppressant drug tacrolimus to prevent rejection, and some patients experience large fluctuations in blood levels of tacrolimus even when the dose is unchanged.
• In a recent study, pediatric kidney transplant recipients with such variability had higher risks of developing antibodies against the transplanted kidney, putting them at risk of rejection.

New research questions previous link between diabetes drugs and bone fractures

• Although clinical trials have linked diabetes medications called sodium glucose transport-2 inhibitors to higher bone fracture risks, a large study found no additional risks when the medications were compared with diabetes drugs not associated with fractures.
• The findings applied to older adults with normal kidney function as well as to those with mild or moderate kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease is Curable if Detected Early – Chula’s User-friendly CKD Screening Strips with Results in 15 minutes!

A Chula research team has developed a screening strip kit to detect the early stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD) that’s easy to use, yields quick results, increasing the chance of being cured for patients, and helping to cut over 10 billion baht of the ever-increasing annual healthcare costs for CKD patients. The CKD screening strip kits are expected to be released early next year.

Experimental Biology 2021 Press Materials Available Now

Embargoed press materials are now available for the virtual Experimental Biology (EB) 2021 meeting, featuring cutting-edge multidisciplinary research from across the life sciences. EB 2021, to be held April 27–30, is the annual meeting of five scientific societies bringing together thousands of scientists and 25 guest societies in one interdisciplinary community.