Running Throughout Middle Age Keeps ‘Old’ Adult-born Neurons ‘Wired’

A new study provides novel insight into the benefits of exercise, which should motivate adults to keep moving throughout their lifetime, especially during middle age. Long-term exercise profoundly benefits the aging brain and may prevent aging-related memory function decline by increasing the survival and modifying the network of the adult-born neurons born during early adulthood, and thereby facilitating their participation in cognitive processes.

Seniors Should Stay Fit, Body & Mind – Chula Suggests Ways to Exercise Safely at Home to Keep COVID-19 Away

Chula physical therapy specialist invites seniors to exercise to boost their immunity against COVID-19 and stay fit even during home quarantine with easy ways to exercise at home during the lockdown.

What Factors Put Runners at Risk for Exertional Heat Stroke During a Marathon?

Exertional heat stroke (EHS) can develop in participants at running events. A runner with EHS overheats beyond their capacity to cool and can suffer organ damage, and even death, if not rapidly cooled. Understanding the factors that may lead to…

June 5 Research Highlights for ACSM Annual Meeting

ACSM’s comprehensive sports medicine and exercise science conference takes place virtually from June 1 to 5 with programming covering the science, practice, public health and policy aspects of sports medicine, exercise science and physical activity. View program highlights.

Time-restricted Eating Reduces Body Weight in Runners without Impacting Performance

Intermittent fasting is becoming increasingly popular due to its simple advice: Don’t change what you eat; simply change when you eat. One popular method of intermittent fasting, 16:8 time-restricted eating (TRE), involves 16 hours fasting and eight hours eating each…

Going for a run? Five tips for safe, effective running this fall

“This season is going to be different,” says Grace “Annie” Neurohr, DPT, OCS, CMTPT, a physical therapist and running and bio-motion specialist for the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics running program at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. “You may have set big goals to run your first 5K or qualify for your first marathon. These races may not meet your expectations, or they may not be in the cards at all this season.”

How to Stay Active and Eat Healthy During Coronavirus Pandemic

As local, state, and federal public health officials continue to urge social distancing as the best way to stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic, Americans across the country are hunkering down in their homes and finding ways to adjust to…