Seniors Should Stay Fit, Body & Mind – Chula Suggests Ways to Exercise Safely at Home to Keep COVID-19 Away

Chula physical therapy specialist invites seniors to exercise to boost their immunity against COVID-19 and stay fit even during home quarantine with easy ways to exercise at home during the lockdown.

Measuring the Feasibility and Effectiveness of an Individualized Exercise Program Delivered Virtually to Cancer Survivors

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in social distancing limitations not previously experienced, forcing practitioners to adapt exercise programming to a virtual model. The purpose of this investigation was to measure the effectiveness of a virtual exercise oncology program in 491 participants…

Online Training is New Top Fitness Trend for 2021 according to ACSM Annual Forecast

ACSM’s annual fitness trend forecast, now in its 15th year, predicts what you’ll see in fitness in the next year and helps the health and fitness industry make critical programming and business decisions that ultimately affect consumers.