Researchers at ESF Build a Map-Based Carbon Accounting System to Help NYS Meet Net-Zero Goal

A new report by the Climate & Applied Forest Research Institute (CAFRI) and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) outlines the development of a map-based carbon accounting system and how it can be an essential tool for New York state to achieve its net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Expert: Bruen test is out of step and unworkable in practice, hopeful SCOTUS will provide guidance on evaluating future firearms restrictions

“The case U.S. v. Rahimi is the first opportunity since New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen for the U.S. Supreme Court to consider its application to a firearms restriction. I am particularly interested to see if the…

Service-Obligated Program Providers Help Address Health Worker Shortages in New York State

The Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) at the University at Albany’s School of Public Health released a new report— Service-Obligated Providers in New York State —that shows how service-obligated programs are helping fill critical health care gaps in underserved regions across New York State.
The report maps where health care professionals who received incentives, such as loan repayment, are fulfilling their service obligations, and includes regional breakdowns by provider type and programs utilized.

UAlbany Researcher Leads “Listening Tour” to Explore Mental Health in Rural New York

A newly released report details the results of an 18-month study on mental health in rural New York. The work, which is the first of its kind in the state, took the form of a “listening tour” comprised of 32 group interview sessions that engaged nearly 300 participants representing 16 rural counties.

Albany Law School’s Government Law Center Explains Daily Fantasy Sports in New York

According to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, over 30 million Americans play daily fantasy sports (DFS). With the National Football League season starting, and Major League Baseball still in full swing, the Government Law Center (GLC) at Albany Law School explores, “White v. Cuomo: What Comes Next After Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling in New York?” in its latest explainer.

Government Law Center Releases New Explainer on joint investigating committees, their role in a post-Cuomo NY

The Government Law Center (GLC) at Albany Law School has just released its latest explainer to help attorneys, politicians, and the public understand how joint investigating committees could help New York re-evaluate how it investigates, disciplines, and removes officials from state-wide office in the wake of the resignation of former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Nation’s first green hydrogen ‘energy station’ expected 2022

Catalyzed by a Cornell University grant and Cornell sustainability research over the past decade, energy storage company Standard Hydrogen Corporation (SHC) and National Grid announced plans March 11 to build the first hydrogen “energy station” of its kind in the nation. The SHC Energy Transfer System will be built in New York’s Capital Region; completion is expected by late 2022.

Research Can Help Pawpaws Gain New Ground

Despite its tropical-sounding name and exotic-tasting In a recent article in Plant Ecology, Associate Professor The pawpaw is extremely rare in New York State, with only 20 known locations. Stephen Tulowiecki, a geographer at SUNY Geneseo, studied the conditions that pawpaws favor, and developed a model to predict locations where pawpaws may grow and identify areas that might sustain newly introduced trees.

The U.S. government is failing to uphold its duty to protect citizens during the coronavirus pandemic

By not supplying New York the necessary ventilators it needs to help during the coronavirus outbreak, the government is failing to uphold its social contract with citizens, says Nicole Hassoun, professor of philosophy at Binghamton University, State University of New…