Study finds that AI benefits workers more than bosses

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Researchers Gordon Gao and Ritu Agarwal published a new report on Wednesday, October 11 that explores how knowledge workers (workers whose main capital is knowledge) with different levels and types of experience team with AI for productivity gains.   The primary findings…

Johns Hopkins receives $1.6 million NIH grant to commercialize innovations to treat substance use disorders

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School faculty, along with School of Medicine colleagues, will create a cutting-edge pathway for substance use disorder researchers to develop new treatment options thanks to a $1.6 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which does not typically award grants to business schools.

Johns Hopkins legal expert in business and health available to discuss Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.

Associate Professor Stacey Lee is available to speak more on the high court’s decision and what it means for women’s health. In addition, Lee’s interviews, quotes, and writings have appeared in Baltimore Sun, CBS, CNN, and Bloomberg Radio. Her work has also…

Prescription Drug Spending per Covered Member Grew Much Faster in Individual Health Plans than Large Group Plans

Prescription drug spending per member covered—both before and after manufacturer rebates—grew much faster for those enrolled in individual health insurance plans compared to those enrolled in large group plans, according to new research.

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA Experiential Learning Curriculum Recognized with Annual Innovation Award

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School was recognized for its reimagined full-time MBA experiential learning curriculum with a 2021 Innovator Award for General Excellence from MBA Roundtable. Carey’s experiential learning curriculum provides MBA students with opportunities to put leadership and analytical skills to work in addressing real-world business challenges.

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Joins Forté Foundation in Advancing Business Education Opportunities for Women

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is joining the Forté Foundation as an MBA partner and Forté Fellows partner school. Forté Foundation is a non-profit consortium of multinational corporations and business schools that was founded to address inequity in business.

A Coronavirus Vaccine Is in the Works But Won’t Just Emerge Overnight

Supriya Munshaw, a senior lecturer at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, offers insights on the likely time frame for a coronavirus vaccine, the steps involved in developing one, the most promising candidates currently in the labs of biotech companies, and why, years after the MERS and SARS outbreaks, a coronavirus vaccine still has not been produced.

Italians in COVID-19 Study More Willing to Remain in Isolation When Stay-at-Home Extensions Were Shorter than Expected

When Italians self-isolating during the COVID-19 outbreak were presented with a hypothetical situation in which orders to remain at home would be for shorter periods than they had expected, they were pleasantly surprised and said they would be more willing to stay in isolation. But people negatively surprised to hear that the hypothetical extensions of the orders would be for longer than they had anticipated said they would be less willing to maintain or increase their isolation.

Consumer Stockpiling During COVID-19 Crisis Can Look Panicky, But It Has Its Rational Side

Consumers are clearing store shelves. Some observers call it “panic buying.” But a Johns Hopkins University expert on consumer behavior, while acknowledging that panic is an element of the phenomenon, says stockpiling can be seen as a rational approach to shopping during a pandemic.

W. P. Carey Foundation commits $25 million to Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

The W. P. Carey Foundation, whose generosity launched Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, has made a $25 million commitment to the school to recruit renowned faculty, enhance academic programs, and help launch student careers. The gift will be matched with commitments from Johns Hopkins University and contributions from other donors for a total of $50 million.

Medical Errors Remain Problem 20 Years after Critical Report on Patient Safety

Medical errors remain as vexing a problem, according to Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Kathleen Sutcliffe of Johns Hopkins University. She discusses the issue in her new book Still Not Safe: Patient Safety and the Middle-Managing of American Medicine, co-authored with Robert Wears.

@JHUCarey expert on Mister Rogers available to discuss his impact and legacy for stories tied to new biopic.

Alexandra Klarén, a Johns Hopkins Carey Business School expert on the life and work of Fred Rogers, is available to speak with media members producing stories tied to the release of the feature film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.…