WashU Expert: Goldman Sachs’ sale won’t allow return to ‘freewheeling ways’

The Goldman Sachs Group is considering a sale of its consumer banking business, but regulations will mean it can’t simply return to being an investment bank, said an expert on financial and securities regulation at Washington University in St. Louis.“While exiting the consumer banking business may allow Goldman to ‘check out,’ it can never fully leave the regulatory world for bank holding companies and return to its investment banking roots,” said Andrew Tuch, a professor of law.

Study: Why U.S. Black Entrepreneurship Lags & How Banks Can Help Fix It

A steady stream of media reports detailing the deaths of unarmed Black Americans at the hands of police. False 911 calls aimed at bringing harm to African Americans engaged in innocuous, everyday activities. Street protests calling for an end to discrimination and police brutality.  As racial tensions swirled this summer, so did calls on social media for those who support the social justice movement for African American civil rights to amplify Black voices and support Black businesses.