Paenibacillus infection cause of hydrocephalus in Ugandan infants

In a landmark paper, an international team led by Yale School of Medicine’s Dr. Steven Schiff details three linked studies conclusively linking the bacteria Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus to an estimated 4,000 new cases of postinfectious hydrocephalus in Ugandan infants each year. Paenibacillus…

AACC Releases Guidance on Procalcitonin Testing to Improve Care for Patients with Bacterial Infections

AACC has issued expert guidance on clinical testing for procalcitonin, a blood marker that helps detect serious bacterial infections and sepsis. By giving clinicians and laboratory professionals much-needed clarity on how to best use procalcitonin tests, the new guidelines could improve the treatment of critically ill patients and those with certain lower respiratory infections.

Physicians urged to consider fungal infections as possible cause for lung inflammation

UC Davis Health infectious diseases expert George Thompson warns of the rising threat and apparent spread of disease-causing fungi outside their traditional hot spots. Fungal lung infections are commonly misdiagnosed, leading to delays in treatment and increase in antimicrobial resistance in the community.

What looked like COVID-19 wasn’t; Beaumont ER doctor’s instinct, tenacity paid off for local business executive

Gary Corbin, 63, dropped a heavy hurricane window shutter, which gashed his leg before it hit the ground. After wintering in Florida, this resident of Grosse Pointe Farms had been helping his significant other close down her Palm Beach Gardens home before they returned to Michigan in mid-June. He treated the wound and kept it covered on the drive north.