Same same but different

A method for detecting intraspecies genomic diversity of uncultivated bacterial DNA has been developed. This enhanced MAG method’s ability to detect previously overlooked variations focuses on the DNA sequence and structural traits of the genome. The spectrum of microdiversity in environmental bacterial genomes has been found to be broader than expected.

National Researcher of the Year 2022 Decodes Drug Resistance in Animals – A Step towards Sustainable Solutions

Chula Veterinary Lecturer and “National Outstanding Researcher 2022” has revealed the genetic code that causes drug resistance in animals that affects human health, animals, and the environment, and suggests comprehensive solutions under the concept “One Health”.

Identification of Tamoxifen Resistance Markers Can Play Role in Breast Cancer Treatment Planning

In a recent study, researchers from Rutgers University explored the therapeutic response to Tamoxifen, a drug that blocks the activity of estrogen to the breast, in estrogen-receptor (ER) positive breast cancer by using a computational framework to predict treatment resistance based on behavior of molecular pathways.