Residents of Rural ‘Glades’ Take a ‘Leap of Faith’ to Combat Dementia

Compared to urban dwellers, racially/ethnically diverse older adults face up to an 80 percent greater risk of cognitive impairment in older age, and 2.5 times potentially preventable Alzheimer’s-related (ADRD) hospitalizations.

Most older adults are wary of mixing health care and religion or spirituality, poll finds

When it comes to matters of personal beliefs, most older Americans prefer to keep their health care and their spiritual or religious lives separate, a new University of Michigan poll finds. But they do see a role for their health care providers in helping them cope with illness by looking for meaning or hope.

Study examines relationship between concern about COVID-19 and belief in science and faith

A new study from Arizona State University has shown that people in the U.S. relied more on science than religion to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The research team assessed faith and science mindsets – how people perceived faith in God or scientific information – as the pandemic progressed. People who had a stronger science mindset were more concerned about COVID-19 in the early months of the pandemic. Faith mindsets were not directly related to concern about the pandemic.

Story of jailed 17th-century Iberian “mulatto pilgrim” told in new book by John K. Moore Jr.

The book tells the story of a man jailed for impersonating a priest in 1693 Spain, when he was likely trying to escape racial persecution. It gives readers a fascinating look at a centuries-old legal case against a man on pilgrimage and shows how Iberians of black-African ancestry faced discrimination and mistreatment.