Suiting Up to Ensure Safe Environments for All Youth Athletes

The National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute, a joint initiative between the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Sanford Health, launches policy agenda to protect kids participating in sports. The institute to work with state legislators to act on seven critical areas of athlete health.

ACSM Annual Meeting Research Highlights for June 3

ACSM’s comprehensive sports medicine and exercise science conference takes place virtually from June 1 to 5 with programming covering the science, practice, public health and policy aspects of sports medicine, exercise science and physical activity.

ACSM and National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute Named NYSS ChampionSM

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recognize ACSM and the National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute as two of the first organizations to join the National Youth Sports Strategy Champion program, helping to foster a lifelong love of sports and physical activity for youth.

Is an Active Lifestyle Associated with Brain Health in Children with Overweight/Obesity?

Although the quality of white matter, which is responsible for providing fast and efficient nervous connectivity throughout the brain, appears to improve with increased physical activity in adults, this area of research in children is in its infancy. For instance,…

Exercise during Chemo, Activity Breaks Enhance Mood, Reducing Diabetes Risk in African American Men & More from Medicine & Science in Sports & Science

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