Newly approved targeted therapy sotorasib prolongs survival in KRAS G12C-mutated lung cancer

Results from the Phase II cohort of the CodeBreaK 100 study showed that treatment with the KRAS G12C inhibitor sotorasib achieved 12.5 months median overall survival in previously treated patients with KRAS G12C-mutated non-small cell lung cancer, according to researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Lung Cancer Cells Have Differential Signaling Responses to KRAS Inhibitor Treatment with Important Implications for Emerging Clinical Trials

In a new article published in Clinical Cancer Research, Moffitt Cancer Center researchers show that various subtypes of lung cancer cells activate different signaling pathways in response to KRASG12C inhibitor treatment. These results may help identify potential combination therapy approaches and guide treatment decisions for lung cancer patients in the future.