Developmental supports crucial for young victims of child abuse

In a new study published this week, researchers at the University of South Australia highlight the urgency of ensuring young victims of serious child abuse or neglect get the support they need prior to school commencement so that that can be as close to developmentally on track as possible.

Support Grows For No-Strings-Attached Cash For Families To Prevent Foster Care Removals

Enthusiasm is growing for programs that provide guaranteed cash support for low-income families as a means to prevent foster care removals and decrease child maltreatment. Recent initiatives in California and New York have demonstrated promising results, and researchers like Will Schneider, a social work assistant professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, are actively exploring the potential of cash transfers in the child welfare field.

UT Dentists is investing in the future one small smile at a time by expanding dental care at Harris County Resources for Children and Adults

UTHealth Houston pediatric dentists are now part of the Integrated Health Clinic, a program of Harris County Resources for Children and Adults, by providing comprehensive medical, dental, and behavioral health care for children in Harris County who are involved or under the care of Child Protective Services.

Becoming Sober – A ‘Voice’ for Mothers Navigating the Child Welfare System

Stigmatized and ignored, pregnant women and mothers with substance use disorders often are voiceless. Researchers used documentary photography as platform to enable mothers in recovery to be heard. Results reveal a shared perception. For mothers with a substance use disorder involved with the child welfare system it is easy to fail and hard to succeed. The emotional jeopardy of child welfare system interactions was described by the mothers to result in feelings of defeat and an increased vulnerability to reoccurrence of substance use.

From Foster Care to Medical School, Aleksandra Hussain Overcomes Obstacles in Her Pursuit of Helping Others

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School first-year student Aleksandra Hussain spent years in the foster-care system after her parents, who were immigrants, were unable to return to the United States. Aleksandra took on the responsibility of caring for herself and her sister. This experience helped her become more focused on achieving something better for herself and she pursued a career in medicine, striving to care for underserved communities.