International Study Finds Thrombectomy Highly Effective Long-Term Treatment for Large Strokes

In a major, international study, named SELECT2, a University Hospitals (UH) research team found that patients with large strokes had a dramatically better recovery after endovascular thrombectomy plus medical management at long-term follow-up, than patients who only received standard medical management.

Rehacer el Reemplazo de la Válvula Aórtica Transcatéter ha Demostrado ser Efectivo y Seguro

Los investigadores de Cedars-Sinai son líderes en la innovación y el uso del reemplazo valvular aórtico transcatéter (TAVR) con válvulas expandibles con balón. Ahora demuestran que volver a hacer los procedimientos TAVR son seguros y eficaces en comparación con situaciones en las que pacientes con perfiles de riesgo similares se someten al mismo procedimiento por primera vez.

Redo Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Proven Effective, Safe

Cedars-Sinai investigators are leaders in the innovation and use of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) with balloon-expandable valves. They now show that redo TAVR procedures are both safe and effective when compared with situations in which patients with similar risk profiles undergo the same procedure for the first time.

Survivors of Utah’s Eugenic Sterilization Program Still Alive in 2023

At least 830 men, women and children were coercively sterilized in Utah, approximately 54 of whom may still be alive. They were victims of a sterilization program that lasted for fifty years in the state and targeted people confined to state institutions. Many were teenagers or younger when operated upon; at least one child was under the age of ten.

AI-guided screening uses ECG data to detect a hidden risk factor for stroke

An AI-guided targeted screening strategy is effective in detecting new cases of atrial fibrillation that would not have come to attention in routine clinical care.
This strategy could reduce the number of undiagnosed cases of atrial fibrillation, and prevent stroke and death in millions of patients across the globe.

The Lancet Publishes Sylvester-Led Study Defining New Standard of Care for Prostate Cancer Recurrence After Prostatectomy

Adding short-term hormone therapy and pelvic lymph node radiotherapy to standard of care prostatectomy surgical bed treatment benefits prostate cancer patients whose prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels are rising post prostatectomy, according to an international study led by Alan Pollack, M.D.,…

New Combined Therapy Helps Extend Lives of Men With Prostate Cancer

Practice-changing research from Cedars-Sinai Cancer shows that a combination of androgen deprivation therapy—a commonly used hormone injection—plus pelvic lymph node radiation, kept nearly 90% of clinical trial patients’ prostate cancer at bay for five years. The findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet.

Another threat from the climate crisis: Violent conflicts, including genocide, will worsen as countries compete for dwindling resources

Throughout all of human history, natural resources have been a flashpoint for conflict. As worsening climate change puts those resources at increasing risk through the rise in sea levels, more frequent flooding and the loss of arable land and clean…