Orthopaedic surgeons available to speak about cartilage restoration of the knee in high-level athletes; factors that influence return to play

ROSEMONT, Ill. (October 28, 2021)—Articular cartilage injuries of the knee are being observed with increasing frequency in athletes, causing significant debilitation that threatens the ability to participate in sports. What’s more, these injuries have proven to be difficult to treat given the…

Identification of Psychological Risk Factors in Orthopaedic Trauma Patients Could Improve Post-Injury Planning

Musculoskeletal injuries comprise a large percentage of hospital admissions for adults and often lead to chronic pain and long-term disability. A new review article published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons® (JAAOS®) recognizes the intimate connection between patients who sustain traumatic orthopaedic injuries and their subsequent psychological effects. The results suggest opportunity to improve overall patient health by attending to psychological and social concerns, along with physical health.

New Study Helps Forecast Functional Recovery Time and Return to Activities Following Hip Fracture Surgery

For patients undergoing surgery for a hip fracture, there are still unknowns regarding the return to pre-facture level of function, specifically in regard to driving and mobility. However, a new article published in the January issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons® (JAAOS®) further quantifies these outcomes. The study authors found that patients can expect to regain full functionality within two to three years after hip fracture surgery. The study also looked at the long-term psychosocial limitations of patients compared to peer groups and concluded that socialization may aid in recovery.

Fall prevention: Tips to enjoy favorite winter activities safely

While doctors applaud people for staying active and keeping safety measures in mind, they also are preparing for an uptick in injuries associated with these types of activities. Many winter outdoor activities may appear safer when it comes to spreading viruses. However, they still carry the inherent risk of physical injury, and it’s important to take special precautions to protect yourself and family.