Dr. Arumugam “Ram” Manthiram on a Pandemic Wake-up Call

In ECS series, The ECS Community Adapts and Advances, Dr. Arumugam “Ram” Manthiram shares how he is in awe of his research team’s ability to remain creative and productive amidst to COVID-19 pandemic. He also urges the science community to be proactive in confronting the pandemic and climate change challenges threatening the global community.

Influx of Electric Vehicles Accelerates Need for Grid Planning

A new PNNL report says the western U.S. bulk power system can reliably support projected growth of up to 24 million electric vehicles through 2028, but challenges will arise as EV adoption grows beyond that threshold. This study is the most comprehensive of its kind, integrating multiple variables not evaluated before, such as growth in commercial delivery fleets and long-haul trucks, as well as large-scale and long-term EV charging scenarios and strategies.

Economic Impact of COVID-19 will Make the Fight Against Climate Change Harder

Measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus have reduced the demand for fuel and slashed oil prices. Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the chief long-term cause of climate warming, have slid perhaps by one-fifth and pollution is down, but can we expect COVID-19 to create lasting change in reversing global warming?

Dr. Y. Shirley Meng available to discuss materials science playing a critical role in energy and sustainability production, conversion and storage, and the challenges today to meet higher performance and cost demands.

Dr. Y. Shirley Meng, recently named as the new Editor-in-Chief of MRS Energy & Sustainability journal, received her PhD in advanced materials for micro- and nanosystems from the Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Alliance in 2005, after which she worked…