Researchers Design Multiclass Cancer Diagnostic Tool Using AI, MicroRNA

MicroRNAs, or miRNAs, regulate genes and biological processes in the human body, including cancer formation and development. To explore the feasibility of miRNAs as cancer biomarkers, researchers created a multiclass cancer diagnostic model using miRNA expression profiles. The study examined the relationship between the composition of miRNAs and various types of cancers. Findings suggest that miRNAs may be highly unique to specific cancerous tissues and can be strong biomarkers for detection and classification in both research and the clinical field

Scientists Recruit New Atomic Heavyweights in Targeted Fight Against Cancer

Researchers from Berkeley Lab and Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed new methods for the large-scale production, purification, and use of the radioisotope cerium-134, which could serve as a PET imaging radiotracer for a highly targeted cancer treatment known as alpha-particle therapy.

Phosphoprotein biomarkers to guide cancer therapy are identified

Post-translational modification analysis may broadly identify new biomarkers of cancer drivers for a much more precise prediction of patient responses to treatments. A recent study demonstrates this diagnostic alternative for neuroendocrine neoplasms driven by a protein kinase called Cdk5.