Diaphragm Pacing System pioneered at UH and CWRU receives FDA approval

Announcement that NeuRx ® Diaphragm Pacing System, pioneered by University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, received FDA premarket approval. The system helps spinal cord injured patients breathe without a mechanical ventilator. Co-inventor Raymond Onders, MD, has implanted the system more than anyone else, and he travels the world teaching other doctors how to do it.

Michigan Medicine receives grant recognizing it as a top U.S. program for spinal cord injury

Michigan Medicine’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation received a federal research grant for spinal cord injury – reflecting its comprehensive care for patients with SCI and signifying the program as a national leader in the field. Michigan Medicine rejoins the Spinal Cord Injury Model System program, a network of health systems supported by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research.

BFFs: How Physical Exercise Impacts Brain Blood Flow, Memory after Paralysis

Thanks to advances in health care in the past several decades, more than 90% of people who have had a spinal cord injury survive beyond the first year. The focus now is managing the long-term impact of spinal cord injury…

Mouse Study Shows Spinal Cord Injury Causes Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome

Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine found that spinal cord injuries in mice cause an acquired bone marrow failure syndrome that may contribute to chronic immune dysfunction.