‘Very Low’ Risk of Unknown Health Hazards from Exposure to 5G Wireless Networks

Experts weigh in on recent online reports that warn of frightening health consequences from new fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. Within current exposure limits, there appears to be little or no risk of adverse health effects related to radiofrequency (RF) exposure from 5G systems, concludes an evidence-based expert review in the June issue of Health Physics, official journal of the Health Physics Society. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.

UC San Diego Health Emergency Departments Equipped to Safely Treat all Patients During Global Pandemic

With increased awareness and fear of COVID-19, some patients have refrained from going to the Emergency Department, even when most needed. Doctors at UC San Diego Health wish to reassure the public that fear of coronavirus should not deter patients…