New method traces ancestry of hybrid plants and animals

In a recent article published in the journal Nature Communications, Binghamton University Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Adam Session and Daniel S. Rokhsar, a professor of genetics, evolution and development at the University of California, Berkeley, outline a way to trace these genomes back to the polypoid hybrid’s parent species.

Researchers should avoid use terms like ‘race,’ ‘ancestry,’ or ‘ethnicity’ interchangeably

McMaster expert advises on using terms like ‘race’ in health-care research Health-care researchers should avoid use terms like ‘race,’ ‘ancestry,’ or ‘ethnicity’ interchangeably in their studies and research reports, says McMaster University professor Sonia Anand in her latest study in…

Ancestry estimation perpetuates racism, white supremacy

Ancestry estimation — a method used by forensic anthropologists to determine ancestral origin by analyzing bone structures — is rooted in “race science” and perpetuates white supremacy, according to a new paper by a forensic anthropologist at Binghamton University, State University of New York.