Rural, transgender populations face greater healthcare disparities, WVU research show

New research from West Virginia University suggests that transgender and gender diverse individuals in rural areas face greater challenges receiving basic healthcare needs than their counterparts. Up to 61% of participants said they had to travel out of state for gender-related care, while over one-third reported they avoid seeking healthcare altogether for fear of discrimination.

Longest study of its kind reveals how gender-affirming hormone therapies impact obesity among U.S. transgender individuals

Researchers conducted the largest and longest observational study to date, using multiple body weight measurements among a racially and ethnically diverse population of gender diverse individuals treated at an academic medical center and non-profit community health center in Washington, D.C. The findings suggest that transgender patients taking gender-affirming hormone therapy should be monitored for changes in body weight, body mass index and for complications that may accompany high body weight, such as cardiovascular disease.

Endocrine Society and partners to intervene in U.K. transgender medicine court appeal

The United Kingdom’s High Court has granted permission for a coalition of LGBTQ+, youth, reproductive health and medical organizations, including the Endocrine Society, to intervene in an appeal of its decision that minors under age 16 likely could not give informed consent for pubertal suppression.