Saint Louis University Researcher Receives $2.83 Million NIH Grant to Increase HPV Prevention Strategies in Nigeria

When designing strategies to create lasting impact in a particular community, there is no better resource than the strength and intelligence of the community members themselves, and in this case, girls and women. Using crowdsourcing as a framework, a Saint Louis University researcher aims to increase HPV vaccination and HPV screening to lower incidents of cervical cancer among girls and women in Nigeria.

UA Little Rock Nursing Graduate Chika Okoli Finds New Career and Life in U.S.

In 2016, Chika Okoli moved to the United States from Nigeria, hoping to start a new career and a new life with his wife and three sons. This new chapter in life started off with a major obstacle. His wife’s VISA was delayed, so Okoli traveled to the U.S. with his two oldest sons while his wife, who was then pregnant with his youngest son, remained in Nigeria.