Patients Report Long-Term Favorable Effects of Weight Loss Surgery in Their Daily Lives

A new analysis from the STAMPEDE trial shows that over the course of five years, patients who had bariatric and metabolic surgery to treat uncontrolled type 2 diabetes reported greater physical health, more energy, less body pain, and less negative effects of diabetes in their daily lives, compared with patients who had medical therapy alone for their diabetes.

Long-term changes in psychosocial and emotional quality of life measures were not significantly different between the surgical and medical groups. The research was published in the Annals of Surgery.

New technique allows scientists to measure mitochondrial respiration in frozen tissue

UCLA scientists have developed a method for restoring oxygen-consumption activity to previously frozen mitochondria samples. By speeding up research, investigators hope to accelerate the diagnosis of people living with mitochondrial diseases and secondary disorders in which mitochondria play a key role, including diseases related to aging, metabolism and the heart.

Courtni Kopietz, Morgridge Institute for Research

2019 Frontiers in Metabolism meeting explores advances in metabolic research

This fall, the Morgridge Institute for Research will convene international leaders in metabolic research at the third Frontiers in Metabolism—Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases meeting. Disrupted metabolic processes underlie a broad swath of rare inborn errors of metabolism and prominent human…