Brookhaven Lab and Euclid Techlabs to Develop Coated Cathodes for Electron-Ion Collider

The protective coatings are intended to extend the lifetime of the materials for applications in nuclear physics facilities.

New atomic layer deposition process invented by UAH researchers

A new way to deposit thin layers of atoms as a coating onto a substrate material at near room temperatures has been invented at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a part of the University of Alabama System. Thin film deposition is used in microelectronics manufacturing.

‘Cyborg’ technology could enable new diagnostics, merger of humans and AI

Connecting electronics directly to human tissues in the body is a challenge. Today, a team is reporting new coatings for components that could help them more easily fit into this milieu. The researchers will present their results at the American Chemical Society Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo.