Disaster researchers discuss response to atmospheric rivers slamming Southern California

Epic storms continue to batter Southern California with flooding, mudslides and hurricane-force winds. Tricia Wachtendorf, director of the University of Delaware’s Disaster Research Center and sociology professor, can comment on the challenges people face when confronting quick-onset inland flooding and preparing for storms of increasing severity…

Atmospheric Rivers Help Create Massive Holes in Antarctic Sea Ice

Warm, moist rivers of air in Antarctica play a key role in creating massive holes in sea ice in the Weddell Sea and may influence ocean conditions around the vast continent as well as climate change, according to Rutgers co-authored research. Scientists studied the role of long, intense plumes of warm, moist air – known as atmospheric rivers – in creating enormous openings in sea ice. They focused on the Weddell Sea region of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica, where these sea ice holes (called polynyas) infrequently develop during the winter.