Cedars-Sinai Pulmonary and Critical Care Experts Present Latest Research at International Conference

LOS ANGELES  — Cedars-Sinai experts in pulmonology, critical care medicine and lung transplant attending the May 17-22 American Thoracic Society’s (ATS) 2024 International Conference in San Diego are available to comment on scientific advances being presented throughout the conference.

Cedars-Sinai is ranked #1 in California and #2 in the nation for Pulmonology and Lung Surgery, according to U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2023-2024.”

Experts Available for Interviews

Peter Chen, MD, director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Cedars-Sinai, is available to speak on a wide array of topics including long COVID symptoms and treatment, interstitial lung disease and more. Chen also holds the Medallion Chair in Molecular Medicine.

Isabel Pedraza, MD, director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit and part of the COVID-19 Recovery Program at Cedars-Sinai, can speak to COVID-19 recoverylong COVID and asthma.

Michael Lewis, MD, professor of medicine and director of Respiratory Care Services at Cedars-Sinai, is available to discuss complex conditions including pulmonary hypertension.

Reinaldo Rampolla, MD, and Lorenzo Zaffiri, MD, PhD, medical director and associate director of the Lung Transplant Program at Cedars-Sinai, can speak to the latest techniques and advances in lung transplantation.

Yuri Matusov, MD, assistant professor of medicine and a pulmonologist at Cedars-Sinai, will facilitate a thematic poster session highlighting pulmonary arterial hypertension and can also speak to conditions including bronchiectasis.

Tanyalak Parimon, MD, assistant professor of medicine and a pulmonologist at Cedars-Sinai, can speak to research in interstitial lung disease and will serve as a facilitator of a session highlighting the pathogenesis of interstitial and pleural diseases.

Additionally, members of the Advanced Lung Disease team at Cedars Sinai, including Samuel Cohen, MDKhushboo Goel, MDAngelena Lopez, MDOragun Rojanapairat, MD and Maidah Yaqoob, MD, are in attendance. These experts can speak to a variety of specialties, including interstitial lung diseaseasthmalong COVIDpulmonary embolismCOPD and more.

Scheduling Interviews

To schedule an interview with a Cedars-Sinai expert, contact:

Jillian Scholten | 949-244-2561 | [email protected]

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