American Academy of Dermatology Association Statement on Reports on Counterfeit Injectables

ROSEMONT, Ill. (Apr. 11, 2024) — The American Academy of Dermatology Association is alarmed by reports of patients suffering from illnesses resembling botulism after undergoing procedures that use possible counterfeit botulinum toxin, also known as botox. The concerning rise in counterfeit injectables poses a grave threat to patient safety, potentially resulting in severe complications such as visual impairment, blindness, infection or even stroke.

Botox Improves Chronic Nausea and Vomiting in Children with Disorder of Gut-Brain Interaction

A study from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago demonstrated that Botulinum toxin (Botox) injected in the pylorus (sphincter where the stomach exits into the small intestine) during endoscopy improves chronic nausea and vomiting in children who have a disorder of gut-brain interaction (DGBI).

American Academy of Dermatology warns the public about the dangers of buying unregulated cosmetic injectables, such as hyaluronic acid fillers, online

While it may be tempting to use a needle-free “do-it-yourself” device to inject hyaluronic acid filler purchased online into the face or lips, doing so can come with serious health consequences. While fillers and neurotoxins, such as botulinum toxin, are…

Get on the grid: ‘Micro-doses’ of Botox provide up-close improvement of facial skin

Botulinum toxin – best known by the brand name Botox – is a popular treatment to reduce facial lines and wrinkles. Over the years, plastic surgeons have explored alternative approaches to maximize effectiveness while minimizing side effects of botulinum toxin injection, including smaller doses and more-diluted concentrations.