Getting vaccines for flu, RSV, pneumonia and COVID.

David Winter, MD, at Baylor Scott & White Health, answers the most common patient questions and reacts to the latest medical research.

  • With flu season approaching, who should get a flu shot and when? (SOT@ :14, TRT :24)
  • RSV cases seem to be rising. How can people protect themselves? (SOT@ :47, TRT :20)
  • With so many vaccines like flu, RSV, pneumonia and COVID, which ones should we get, and can we combine them? (SOT@ 1:15, TRT :18)
  • What do you recommend to people who plan to travel? Are vitamins helpful? (SOT@ 1:43, TRT :38)
  • Video b-roll begins @ 2:29, TRT 1:20

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