Exergoeconomic assessment of a high-efficiency compressed air energy storage system

Abstract Energy storage systems have a critical part in enabling greater use of intermittent energy resources. For a sustainable energy supply mix, compressed air energy storage systems offer several advantages through the integration of practical and flexible types of equipment…

3E analysis of a virtual hydrogen valley supported by railway-based H2 delivery for multi-transportation service

Abstract In Southern Italy, near the Mediterranean Sea, mobility services like cars, bicycles, scooters, and material-handling forklifts are frequently required in addition to multimodal local transportation services, such as trains, ferry boats, and airplanes. This research proposes an innovative concept…

Scientists Make and Test Efficient Water-Splitting Catalyst Predicted by Theory

Scientists have developed a new efficient catalyst for the most challenging part of “water splitting,” a series of two simultaneous electrochemical reactions that generate hydrogen gas, a green energy source, from water. The new catalyst was designed based on theoretical predictions and validated in laboratory tests and industrially relevant demonstrations.

Instant Hydrogen Production for Powering Fuel Cells

Due to its affordability and environmental friendliness, hydrogen is a feasible alternative to fossil fuels for energy applications. However, due to its low density, hydrogen is difficult to transport efficiently, and many on-board hydrogen generation methods are
slow and energy intensive.