COVID-19 Creates Hearing, Balance Disorders, Aggravates Tinnitus Symptoms

Evidence suggests auditory and vestibular effects should be added to the growing list of physiological impacts of COVID-19. During the 180th Meeting, Colleen Le Prell from the University of Texas at Dallas will talk about hearing and balance disorders associated with coronavirus infection and how pandemic-related stress and anxiety may aggravate tinnitus symptoms. Her presentation, “Hearing disorders secondary to infection with SARS-CoV-2,” will take place Thursday, June 10.

Singer Huey Lewis reveals he has debilitating symptoms of Meniere’s disease. University Hospitals expert Sarah Mowry, MD, has written about this disease and specializes in both medical and surgical treatment for it.

Sarah Mowry, MD, is a board certified neurotologist at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and treats patients with disorders of hearing and balance. She has written several articles and book chapters regarding Meniere’s disease and specializes in both medical and…