Alabama Symphony Orchestra musicians perform virtual concerts for sickest COVID-19 patients at UAB Hospital

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sickest patients at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital have had their troubles eased, however briefly, thanks to an innovative musical project. Helping those patients recover — and keeping their spirits up amid the isolation the virus requires — is the motivation for the project, an effort between UAB health care staff and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.

Classically Trained Flutist Starts Group to Support Underrepresented Musicians, Artists

Sana Colter, a classically trained flutist at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, remembers growing up in Harlem, learning to play the flute and piano in fourth grade and thinking that she would have to stop because her parents couldn’t afford the lessons. She also distinctly recalls the day a little girl in the audience said, “I didn’t know black girls played the flute,” during one of her performances.

Inspired by Lizzo, the classically trained flutist turned pop artist, Colter is eager to break stereotypes and encourage more underrepresented groups to feel empowered to pursue music careers, and even pick up classical instruments.

Read more on CREATE, an organization she started through Rutgers University to offer underrepresented groups a supportive hub as they embark on their artistic journeys.

Singer Huey Lewis reveals he has debilitating symptoms of Meniere’s disease. University Hospitals expert Sarah Mowry, MD, has written about this disease and specializes in both medical and surgical treatment for it.

Sarah Mowry, MD, is a board certified neurotologist at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and treats patients with disorders of hearing and balance. She has written several articles and book chapters regarding Meniere’s disease and specializes in both medical and…